Justice for All

All citizens are equal in the eyes of law irrespective of their financial positions, but economic inequality has made justice beyond reach of the weaker sections of the people.

If justice is denied, law is said to be non‐prevailing. The effective Legal Aid program is an effective means in the realization of principles of justice.

The constitution of Nepal, 2015 in the article 20(10) has guaranteed the Legal Aid right as the fundamental right. Legal Aid Act, 1997 and its Rule, Legal Aid Rule, 1998 are major legal instruments for legal aid. The State Paid Lawyer Stipendiary Lawyer system is also adopted in Nepal to support the deprived persons who cannot afford the legal services of the hired lawyer.

JNLA has a central role to play in ensuring Access to Justice, particularly for people who require assistance through the Legal Aid system because they have limited means, or are members of disadvantaged, vulnerable, and marginalised groups.

We are prepared in advance for work on Legal Aid cases or Pro Bono Publico as well.