Juris Nepal Law Associates (JNLA) is one of the prominent law firm providing innovative insights for corporate with a state-of-the-art legal services of an international class.

JNLA enjoys the pride of being the only law firm as a one-stop solution provider with a full range of services in the area of Corporate & Commercial Laws, Foreign Investment, Banking and Insurance, Project Financing, Securities and Financial Derivatives, Dispute Resolution, Tax (Direct & Indirect), Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and International Economic Law, among others.

Being a certified law firm registered at Nepal Bar Council pursuant to Nepal Law Practitioner Office Registration and Operation Regulation, 2013, we aim to offer the highest international standards and extensive local expertise in wide range of corporate legal services including litigation.

JNLA is the preferred law firm for multinational and joint venture corporations doing business in Nepal and we represents some of the largest companies operating here.

The Firm also serves as counsel to many entities especially working in securities market and commodity derivatives market as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, economic organizations, business and professional associations, and governmental entities with diverse business interests in Nepal.

As a law firm based in Kathmandu, one of the most beautiful Asian city, which is also the seat of the Government and Capital of the Himalayan nation, Nepal, we offer strategic corporate legal counsel and agile, tailored research based solutions to make your business a way into the two largest emerging global markets of India and China.

We are situated at the strategic location within the walking distance of hardly ten minutes from the Supreme Court of Nepal, Kathmandu District Court and the Central Secretariat of the Nepal Government at Singh Durbar.