The Exclusive Comparatist Law Firm in Nepal

We understand diverse legal cultures across the globe and thus we realize your aspiration better.

We are only the law firm in Nepal to cater full range of corporate legal services in the best way possible to the clients arising from multicultural backgrounds and any legal tradition in the world, may it be Civil Law or English Common Law or US Common Law or Islamic or the hybrid ones.

You have destined and arrived to the right place because you have approached to the one and only comparatist law firm in Nepal – JNLA.

We have pool of talent lawyers with profound knowledge on concepts and deep experience on practical aspects of myriads of jurisdictions including that of UK, US, French, Germanic, Scandinavian countries, African, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Islamic, among others.

We always strive to harmonize the regulations here in Nepal with your home jurisdiction to enhance your global business performance.

We strategically ease your doing business in Nepal steadily from your day one here to the stage of repatriation of your dividends safely and smoothly at the end of each fiscal year.

We offer comparative legal research on various aspects of your home jurisdiction with that of the host, i.e. Nepal, to enter, start, develop, manage, comply and safely exit from the business here.

We support you in making each right decision to foster your business by providing you the right legal information at the right time.