Clients Care

We put our earnest emphasis upon the concerns of our clients. The following are the key principles that we adhere to in the context of client care:

  • We treat the client fairly, in a manner which protects their interests.
  • We ensure the resources and ability to act for the clients and to advise and represent the client in a competent and timely manner.
  • We ensure there is a complaints procedure in place and also inform the client at the outset of the right to make a complaint, and deal with any complaints promptly.
  • We agree on how the client’s matter or case will be conducted, including for example, how often the client will be updated, who will be the main person dealing with the case, how long the matter may take, and what the likely associated costs will be.
  • We ensure the client understands any advice given and is able to make informed decisions.
  • We have a duty to keep affairs of our client confidential and the circumstances that we are able to disclose client information, is strictly limited.